Set up

Learn how to set up your local environment to develop Ionic Framework apps and to use Ion2FullApp - Ionic Template.

Installing Ionic

Ionic apps are created and developed primarily through the Ionic command line utility (the “CLI”), and use Cordova to build/deploy as a native app. This means we need to install a few utilities to get developing. Check the official installation process.

You will need to:

  1. Install the template dependencies. After you have Ionic and Cordova installed, you have to install all the dependencies required by the app. To do this just run this command using a terminal inside your ionic app folder path.

$ npm install

Run your Ionic App

Now we have everything installed, we can test our Ionic App.

Run ionic serve to start a local dev server and watch/compile Sass to CSS. This will start a live-reload server for your project. When changes are made to any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files, the browser will automatically reload when the files are saved.

Check these developer tips to learn how to test your Ionic app like a Native app on iOS and Android devices or emulators.

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