Wordpress Integration

Ionic and Wordpress Integration using Wordpress REST API. Use Ion2FullApp Ionic Template and take your Ionic App to the next level!

We will use Wordpress REST API to connect our Ionic app with our Wordpress blog.

The REST API is included in the Wordpress Core from WordPress 4.7! Plugins are no longer required, just install the latest version of WordPress and you're ready to go.

In order to check that you are able to make requests to the Wordpress REST API you only need to make a request to the following url: http://YOUR-WORDPRESS-SITE/wp-json/wp/v2/ and you should see something like this.

Please note that you need to replace 'YOUR-WORDPRESS-SITE' with your own value.

The WordPress REST API provides API endpoints for WordPress data types that allow developers to interact with sites remotely by sending and receiving JSON. This enables developers to create, read and update WordPress content from client-side JavaScript or from external applications.

If you are new to WP REST API, I would suggest you to go through the Key Concepts.

You need to add your WP REST API URL in the configs of the app so please go to the environments file located in src/environment and replace the values with your own values.

If you have any problem or need a deep understanding of how to work with Wordpress please read this Ionic Wordpress Integration tutorial we made for you.

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