About Ion2FullApp

Take your Ionic App to the next leveI using Ion2FullApp Ionic Template. Check all the features, designs and beautiful components that you can use on your Ionic Framework app!


For developers

This is the time to save your expensive time and write less code for your new app. You can build a rich app with Ionic in a very straightforward way. Your knowledge about using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript will help serve as the building blocks of your app. Ionic also has lots of tutorials you can use.

For designers

Customization of layout has no limit with Ionic. You don’t even have to modify a complicated widget. It is pretty clean and simple to start your own customization and create a satisfactory design.


Cutting edge technology

Ionic 3 + Angular 5 + Sass = ❤️

We went all in and became experts in Ionic and Angular to get you this awesome Ionic starter app that goes beyond the basics.

Ionic offers a free and open source framework, with components of CSS, JS, mobile optimized HTML, as well as gestures and tools needed to build high end apps with amazing user friendliness.

Ionic 3 is the latest stable version of the framework and it’s built using Sass and optimized for handling Angular 5. (that means it inherits all the benefits of Angular 5) to construct a functional application structure.

This gives you a mix of power and beauty. Using Ionic to develop hybrid apps gives you the advantage of accessing the native API’s of devices, that’s the difference between mobile web and hybrid apps.

Built with Sass

This template uses SASS, which basically is CSS with superpowers. Each component has its dedicated sass files and partials well structured with independent variables so you can have maximum modularity, flexibility and customizability.

More than just layout

This project uses Angular to construct a functional application structure including UX interactions such as form validations, navigation logic between views, etc which makes a coherent app not just html and css.

Although it comes with the frontend part and many interactions, it’s worth mentioning that this project does not come with the backend part of the app, it’s meant to be as generic as possible so it can work with any backend solution.

As we mentioned before in addition to Angular interactions this project enables you to access the native API’s of devices for example through the social share integration. If you need more interactions you can check Ionic Native.

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