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Add Twitter Login to your Ionic App. Learn how we integrated Twitter Authentication in Ion2FullApp Ionic Template to allow users to log in using Twitter Native App.

We have integrated the possibility to login and signup with Twitter App.

You can find all the code needed for this in: src/pages/twitter-login

In order to provide your users with the possibility to connect your app with Twitter, you need to get a FABRIC API KEY. Follow the STEP 1 from this link.

After you have your Fabric API KEY you need to register your Twitter App as explained in STEP 2 from this link.

Then it’s time to install the Twitter Connect plugin into your app. Follow these steps to get this DONE:

  • Execute the following command on the terminal changing the variables with your own values. Replace fabric_API_key with your FABRIC_KEY

$ ionic cordova plugin add twitter-connect-plugin --variable FABRIC_KEY=fabric_API_key --save
$ npm install --save @ionic-native/twitter-connect

Now you have to add the following lines before the closing </widget> tag in the config.xml file.

<preference name="TwitterConsumerKey" value="<Your Twitter Consumer Key>"/><preference name="TwitterConsumerSecret" value="<Your Twitter Consumer Secret>"/>

You can read more about Log in and Log out with Twitter in STEP 4.

We save the user data in the NativeStorage, but you may want to save it in your database.

When you go to Functionalities/Twitter Integration in the app you will see a screen with the data extracted from Twitter.

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