Common Questions

Common questions and answers when building Ionic Apps.

If you found an error or a bug in this app please contact us. We are also happy to walk customers through the template structure and answer any support queries in that regard.

What program do you use to edit the code?

You can use any code editor that handles html, typescript, javascript and scss. Our preferred editors are:

RTL support for Ionic

Ion2FullApp ELITE support RTL languages.

The HTML5 attribute dir=auto sets the directionality of the element according to the first characters with strong directionality.

The only way to make an element’s directionality depend on its own content in this sense is to set the dir attribute to the value auto on the element itself. You cannot make this attribute inherited.

You can find the code related to this on src/app/app.component.ts

For more details about Internationalization go to the following section:

pageMulti Language

Different Ways to Debug an Ionic App

Using a Desktop browser

Remote Debugging on Android with Chrome

Remote debug live content on an Android device from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. This tutorial teaches you how to.

Learn more in

Debugging Through an iOS or Android Simulator

Learn more in

Mobile browser Debugging

Learn more in

Debugging as a native app

Learn more in

Older versions of Android devices (4.0-4.3)

Older versions of Android devices (4.0-4.3) use Android’s default browser, which has significantly less performance and standards compliance than modern Chrome.

Using Crosswalk gives you a specific and more performant version of Chrome to use on all Android devices, in order to reduce fluctuations and fragmentation among devices.

Crosswalk is an open source project that allows you to specify a version of Chrome to use as your web browser in Android.

The compiled app will have your code hosted inside of this Chrome webview.

Please read more here

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